Eric D. Hammes


Eric D. Hammes

, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Operations

Eric Hammes is 3M’s Executive vice president of Enterprise Operations. Enterprise Operations, consisting of manufacturing, supply chain and customer operations, plays a critical role in tailoring service and expertise to customer needs. Every day, Eric and his team are focused on optimizing the customer experience through end-to-end aligned and agile operations.

Eric joined 3M in 1997. The majority of his career has been spent as a financial leader, including as an auditor, analyst, and 3M’s corporate controller and chief accounting officer. Eric served as 3M’s senior vice president of business transformation and most recently, 3M’s senior vice president of manufacturing and supply chain. He has worked with and partnered across many of 3M’s businesses – from Health Care to Electronics and Energy – as well as multiple geographies, such as the United States, West Europe and Asia Pacific. Helping to maximize 3M’s shareholder value has always been at the core of Eric’s responsibilities as a financial leader.

“I am extremely thankful for the company and leaders I work for at 3M,” Eric says. “I feel blessed as part of this family, giving everything I have to leave 3M in a better place, every day.”

In his spare time, Eric dedicates himself to being a loving husband and father, and growing his family. He enjoys pushing himself mentally and physically in a broad range of athletics. Personal health and fitness is his passion.

“I believe a few basic leadership principles are critical for success in career and life. Know your strengths, while humbly acknowledging your weaknesses. Understand the environment you are competing in. Work hard, strive to win, but always with a meaningful purpose. Be strong in your faith, and trust your place in a greater plan.”