3M Business Groups - 3M Company

2021 Sales by Business Group

Our Strategies

  • Growing faster than the markets and economies we serve
  • Investing capital in high growth, high return portfolios that utilize our fundamental strengths
  • Accelerating our digital capabilities and expanding our use of data and analytics to better serve customers and improve our operational agility
  • Expanding margins and EPS through operating rigor, productivity, and price
  • Delivering robust cash flow through supply chain recovery and improvements in working capital
  • Advancing sustainability commitments to reduce GHG emissions and improve water quality
  • Maintaining a strong balance sheet, providing flexibility for M&A and shareholder returns

Safety & Industrial

Representative products/services​​

  • Respiratory, hearing and eye protection solutions​
  • Structural adhesives and tapes​
  • Industrial abrasives and finishing for metalworking applications​
  • Electrical products and materials for construction and maintenance, power distribution and electrical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Autobody repair solutions​
  • Closure systems for personal hygiene products, masking, and packaging materials
  • Natural and color-coated mineral granules for shingles

Transportation & Electronics

Representative products/services

  • Light management films and electronics assembly solutions
  • Packaging and interconnection solutions​
  • Attachment tapes, protective films, sound and temperature management for transportation vehicles
  • Premium large format graphic films for advertising and fleet signage​
  • Advanced ceramic solutions
  • Reflective signage for highway and construction safety​

Health Care

Representative products/services

  • Skin, wound care, and infection prevention products and solutions
  • Dentistry and orthodontia solutions
  • Health care procedure coding and reimbursement software
  • Filtration and purification systems​
  • Food safety indicator solutions​


Representative products/services

  • Retail abrasives, paint accessories, car care DIY products, picture hanging and consumer air quality solutions​
  • Stationery products​
  • Cleaning products for the home​
  • Consumer bandages, braces, supports, and consumer respirators

Balanced Capital Allocation Plan (2022)


5% to 6% of sales


$1.7B to $2.0B

Organic Growth
64 years

Consecutive annual increases

100+ years

Paid dividends without interruption


Attractive targets that leverage 3M’s strengths

Share repurchase

Based on relative value; influenced by other demands on capital

Flexible Deployment